MM Book Buzz helps you recruit as many authors as possible to offer their books for 99c or free. We then put those books on a web page called a “Landing Page.”

When the promotion is live, each author blasts their Facebook profiles and pages, as well as their newsletters and as many Facebook Groups as possible about the huge deals. This includes the link to the cross-promo’s landing page and a graphic. MM Book Buzz will supply both the link and the promo graphic, but you are free to make your own graphics if you so choose.

The more authors we get, the better the promotions will be. It relies on everyone sharing the promotion with their audience so we can expand our reach, or cross-pollinate, if you will. Each author may bring in readers who have never heard of you. Readers get to find new-to-them authors, and authors get new readers. It’s a win for both authors and readers.

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