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Yes. The cross-promotion is Amazon specific. If we decide to change this in the future, we’ll let you know through the newsletter and Facebook page.

Our Honey Dipper Boy and Bee boy (Adrien and Luca respectively) were created by the lovely and talented Sarah Jo Chreene. To get your own chibis, visit her Facebook Page! Price list for Sarah’s chibis is below!

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Yes. These are sale prices, so the price goes back up to normal when the sale expires. Buy while it’s hot and cheap!

Absolutely not. All you have to pay for are the 99c books you want to buy, and you pay that to Amazon. Not MM Book Buzz.

We are, however, using affiliate links. So after you buy a book on Amazon, MM Book Buzz receives a commission from each sale for up to 48 hours after the initial purchase from one of our affiliate links. By clicking on the buy buttons in the cross-promotion page, you are making Amazon pay us a commission. You only pay for your purchases. Amazon does not charge you for this commission.

In addition, the owner of MM Book Buzz, Devon Vesper, also lists her own books in the appropriate genre cross-promotions. If you buy her books, you are helping MM Book Buzz stay online.

Absolutely not.

However, if you do not sign up for an author’s newsletter, you don’t get the freebie if they are offering one. If they are offering a free story that you want, you need to sign up to get that free book. You can always unsubscribe later.

This is most likely a newsletter freebie. You have to sign up to the author’s newsletter to receive the free book. This is another service MM Book Buzz offers to our authors. By signing up to an author’s newsletter, you not only receive the free book, but any other freebies they offer their newsletter subscribers. You’re also among the first to know about sales, new book releases, and more. So it’s worth giving them a shot. You can always unsubscribe anytime if you feel you’re not a good fit with that author’s audience.

Mistakes happen. Let me know by emailing me at admin at mmbook dot buzz or filling out the contact form. I’ll fix it as soon as I get the email.

While I will always try to validate prices before the cross-promo goes live, there is always room for mistakes. If you find a price discrepancy, please let us know immediately by using the contact form or emailing Devon directly at admin @ with the title, author, and what the price is listed as. I will immediately validate the claim, then if it is any other price than 99c or free, I will remove the listing and warn the author.

BookFunnel is a book delivery service. They are of two varieties: 1. One that collects emails, and 2. One that does not. If you are clicking a BookFunnel link in our cross-promo landing page, I can almost guarantee you it is the one that collects emails, since that’s the whole purpose of offering that story for free.

BookFunnel, at least, has some awesome customer service if you have trouble getting your book.

Prolific Works used to be InstaFreebie. They are a service authors use to pass out free books in exchange for newsletter subscriptions. Some authors make subscribing mandatory to receive the free book, others make it an option. If you see a Prolific Works link, it is a legitimate thing (I wouldn’t allow it on here otherwise, as I create each landing page, myself).

Also, you won’t know if the subscription is mandatory or optional until you click on the link. It will let you download the book and then ask you if you want to hear more about that author. Click yes to get on their newsletter, click no to stay off their list.

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