MM: Uncharted Waters (Paranormal Shifter - M/M NAVY SEAL Book 3)

by Noah Harris

I’m coming for you, babe.” He whispered into the empty room. “Wait for me.”
Everything seems to be looking up for Dylan and Blake. They have a home, a beautiful daughter, and the support of their families. But right as it seems life couldn’t get better, Dylan is called back to work on an urgent scouting mission to the Shadow Pack’s sister pack: the Blood Pack, run by none other than Arulean Black’s mate. Unable to let his team down, Dylan leaves his fiancé and daughter behind.

When Blake gets word that the Blood Pack has captured Dylan, he has to make the hard decision to leave his daughter behind to go save his mate. He’ll give anything and everything to find his fiancé, and he finds a valuable ally in the dragon shifter, Arulean, who also has a loved one held hostage by his errant mate. With some help from some new friends, Blake has to use all of his experience, knowledge, and skills, as well as the strength of his mateship bond, to find and rescue the love of his life, or die trying.

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Uncharted Waters is the third and last book in the Sailing Deep series from Noah Harris.

Even though a lot has happened in the previous two books, Uncharted Waters can be read as a standalone. Which is not easy to pull off.

Blake and Dylan are the proud parents of a beautiful baby daughter Lily and living together in the hometown they grew up in. But as nothing in life is sunshine and daisies, so is Dylan and Blake’s life about to take a turn for the worst.

Dylan was sent out on a mission to obtain more information about the Blood Pack. This pack is run by a dangerous Dragon shifter. Initially Blake manages, thanks to his hacking skill’s, to get stay in contact with Dylan. Not much, but hey what do you expect when you have to keep down low?

Yet Blake’s electronic and hacking skills can’t help him when he loses all contact.

What follows is a thrilling story that will keep you rooted to your seat. Did you know you can use stickers for tracking and tracing? I do now. And that by using these stickers you can hack a whole security network?  But those are just the tech fact, back to the story.

The thrill and suspense of the rescue missing trying to find Dylan and, eh yes actually there is another person to be rescued, is running high. My blood pressure went up and up and up, once the rescue mission started. Luckily though for me, love and mate bonds will save the day. The bond between Dylan and Blake most definitely saves their day!

Really, to be honest, I find that this particular book deserves as much a listing in the thriller department as it does in MM romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book and was touched by the happily ever after. An epilogue that is drool worthy!  If you are looking for sweet romance Uncharterd Waters is not it, but if you are into a bumpy ride? Buy the book!

Review by Lexy Tvv

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