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Here is what authors are saying about MM Book Buzz!

A great place for networking and sell books!!

MM Book Buzz truly helped me as an author to promote my stories and also meet with other authors who have been very helpful and friendly… We all sold stories and learnt more about marketing. As a reader, I bought some wonderful discounted books too. How wonderful is that!

Lily Lamb
Author Reviews

It was so easy!

All I had to do was show up! Your work on the front end of the cross-promo event, Magic, Men, and Mayhem was flawless. Having graphics provided along with post variations made it a breeze. I certainly look forward to participating with you anytime. Thanks for all your planning and help. Without you the event would not have been the great success it was. My sales boomed!

J. Hali Steele
Author Reviews

Great & Efficient Promo!

MM Book Buzz was a very well-executed and successful author cross-promotion. Thank you for organising it, and in such a chilled, friendly manner too! Super pleased with the outcome and looking forward to participating in future ventures!

Kasia Bacon
Author Reviews

Great place to find an Awesome Read!

MM Book Buzz has helped me to promote my stories and I’ve meet other authors who have been wonderfully helpful and friendly. We all sold books and have helped each other learn the mysteries of marketing. Great support team!

Megs Pritchard
Author Reviews

Easy & Fun

This has been a great promo! Devon is easy to work with, helpful and able to lead you step by step if you need it, but she’s also fun during the promo when she communicates with the authors participating. Great balance of professional and laid-back. She’s a cheerleader you want on your side!
I garnered new readers through sales and newsletter subscribers, and I’ll definitely participate in this promo again!

Megan Linden
Author Reviews

Fun Promo

I loved being part of MM Book Buzz’s event. It was fun interacting with other authors and seeing everyone’s numbers climbing and knowing readers were getting great books and great value. I really enjoyed it. Thanks, Devon!

Kayleigh Sky
Author Reviews

Great Cross-Promotion

Book Buzz asked me to be a part of a new cross-promotional post and the books I included did very, very well during that period. Devon was very professional and I received great communication.

Author Reviews

Great promo!

I was pleased to be included in this promo and pleased with the outcome. I got more traffic and sales than I would have by myself. Thanks!

A.D. Ellis
Author Reviews

Simple format with great support

I was given all the information I needed to do my part of the promo, and when something needed updated that was handled quickly and with friendly communications. I’ve loved being a part of the MM Book Buzz Promo and will definitely be signing up again.

Drake LaMarque
Author Reviews

Helpful and fun

This was a great promotion. Thanks!

Drea Roman
Author Reviews

Excellent service

I am impressed by the professionalism and how easy it was to work with MM Book Buzz.

SJ York
Author Reviews


This is the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with others on a scale like this, and it’s been very enjoyable. The people behind this buzz and the authors signing up have all been very helpful to a newbie like myself. It’s been wonderful to work with so many people on a common goal. Everything from the buzz crew has been professional, their enthusiasm and handle on every aspect something I admire. Thank you so much! I hope to work more with you in the future.

Meraki P. Lyhne
Author Reviews

Always great!

MM Book Buzz is always great to work with. They make it easy and the events are successful. Always pleased to be involved.

A.D. Ellis
Author Reviews

MM Book Buzz cross-promo

I did the cross-promo for both contemporary and the fantasy/paranormal. Great promotion. Both were very successful. When all of the authors chip in and share it in groups, newsletters, websites, their own groups and pages, and comment/like/share on the others’ posts, it really helps.

My fantasy title sold 60 during the promotion and my contemporary title sold 43. I consider that a good sale for only a few days!

I’d definitely do it again.

Lynn Michaels
Author Reviews

99 cent sale

MM Book Buzz held a promotion for the sale of 99 cent books by mm romance authors. It allowed authors to share the promo on all their platforms and therefore introduced readers to authors they may not have heard about otherwise. I sold several books during the sale! And Book Buzz and the other authors were great at communicating and helping in any way they could. I would definitely participate again!

Este Holland
Author Reviews

Sensational Service!

I think MM Book Buzz provides a first-class author cross-promotion. Every time I took part in its promotion, I had fun and met with some wonderful authors. It is a friendly, efficient and helpful service! Thanks to MM Book Buzz my rating jumped from the 4000’s to the top-paid 70 gay erotica list!!! How cool is that! I can’t wait to take part in MM Book Buzz future ventures!

Lily Lamb
Author Reviews

So simple, yet effective

The administrators of the promotional events were excellent. They provided all of the graphics needed and were always there to answer any questions I had. It was fun to be a part of the event and talk to and support other authors in the genre. Sales really shot up and one of my books even made it to #2 in its category!

A.G. Carothers
Author Reviews

Page hop success

I had a great experience doing a 60 author page hop. Would definitely recommend.

Charity Parkerson
Author Reviews

A brilliant happy productive experience!

I signed up for the FB Black Friday Hop for MM authors and found it to be a fun and productive experience. All of my dealings with MM Book Buzz have been this way and I would use them again, most assuredly.

Jackie North
Author Reviews

2019 Christmas Facebook group hop

This event was well organized, with ready made graphics for easy posting. Besides just having fun, I also gained many new group members and newsletter subscribers. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Annabella Michaels
Author Reviews

Amazing promo!

MM Book Buzz and Winter HOP were both professionally organized and very well executed. In my experience, these were one of the most efficient promo companies I took part in. Not only I noticed a great boost in sales, it also brought more than 100 new members to my reader group. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of these amazing events.

Nero Seal
Author Reviews
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