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For All (2)

Yes. The cross-promotion is Amazon specific. If we decide to change this in the future, we’ll let you know through the newsletter and Facebook page.

Our Honey Dipper Boy and Bee boy (Adrien and Luca respectively) were created by the lovely and talented Sarah Jo Chreene. To get your own chibis, visit her Facebook Page! Price list for Sarah’s chibis is below!

For Authors (18)

You Must manually change your price for each Amazon “zone” as shown below. Kindle Countdown Deals (KCD) only reach Amazon US and UK. We have readers from all over the world, and they all deserve to have a 99c deal. If I find out you’re using a KCD for your listing, your listing will be removed from the promotion.

The above image is from the pricing area in KDP. You want all of them to be the lowest you can price it. Some of the prices above are not the lowest, but that’s because Amazon saw fit to change them without my approval. I’m just finding this out at the time I wrote this FAQ.

They must be free to purchase. KU is irrelevant. Please make sure the books you are putting up for the cross-promotion are free or 99c to buy.

  1. Yes, we accept trans men as main characters.
  2. Yes, we accept asexual men as main characters.
  3. Yes, we accept books without sex.
  4. Yes, we accept bisexual main characters.
  5. Yes, we accept main characters with mental disorders.
  6. Yes, we accept main characters with disabilities.
  7. Yes, we accept People of Color with all skin tones as main characters.


Yes, we use affiliate codes. Because we don’t charge for our services, we use affiliate codes to pay for things like our domain name and hosting to keep the website live. We also work hard to find authors to fill out the cross-promotion so that each promotion has greater chances at success.

We use affiliate tags in every Amazon link. Sometimes we will also have our own books advertised in the promotion under Devon Vesper, the author who runs MM Book Buzz.

I may, at a later date, start running ads on the site. These ads would be geared toward authors and readers, and would be hand-picked. I will never run PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.

MM Book Buzz helps you recruit as many authors as possible to offer their books for 99c or free. We then put those books on a web page called a “Landing Page.”

When the promotion is live, each author blasts their Facebook profiles and pages, as well as their newsletters and as many Facebook Groups as possible about the huge deals. This includes the link to the cross-promo’s landing page and a graphic. MM Book Buzz will supply both the link and the promo graphic, but you are free to make your own graphics if you so choose.

The more authors we get, the better the promotions will be. It relies on everyone sharing the promotion with their audience so we can expand our reach, or cross-pollinate, if you will. Each author may bring in readers who have never heard of you. Readers get to find new-to-them authors, and authors get new readers. It’s a win for both authors and readers.

I will… for the most part. You bring the authors and books and make those books 99c or free, and I’ll make and maintain the landing page, create graphics, and do whatever else I can, including trying to find more authors to fill up the page. The more authors, the more successful the cross-promotion can be.

However, each author is responsible for promoting the cross-promo’s landing page to their social media, news letters, and Facebook Groups the day before and all during the promotion. However, personal / virtual assistants can do this for the authors. So if you really don’t have time, consider spending a few dollars for a PA/VA for those few days, or finding someone who loves you enough (and who you trust enough) to do it for free.

The following are required:

  • Promote the cross-promo landing page to your newsletter
  • Promote it on your Facebook profile
  • Promote it on your Facebook page
  • Promote it in your group(s)
  • Help others by promoting it in promo groups.

Remember: The more people who see the promo landing page link, the more sales we all get. If you don’t pull your weight in promoting the landing page, you’re letting the other authors down. It’s like breaking a promise. Don’t be that person.

For more rules and requirements, please go to the Author Rules and Guidelines page.

It depends on the promo. But generally, so long as the books are M/M (male/male, ie. gay men), then we can work something out. I’m an M/M Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romances author, so that was my first cross-promo. But if an author comes up wanting to do a cross-promo for M/M Contemporary Romance (or some other M/M genre), I could absolutely do that so long as the inquiring author(s) help recruit other authors. I’ll, of course, do all the heavy lifting with graphics, the landing page, and also roping in other authors.

You can email the cover file to admin at mmbook dot buzz. To satisfy the required field in the form, just put that you sent it in email and move on. But don’t worry. If you leave the field blank, I’ll most likely go to Amazon and pull it from your sales page. I’m not a barbarian. 😉 This only applies if your book is live or at least on pre-order at the time you sign up.

This is the url to your cover. This is an example:×300.jpg
It should end in .jpg or .png.

A newsletter magnet is a freebie that you advertise to entice readers to join your newsletter. It could be anything from a short story to a full novel.

ContactInBio is a service that hosts a landing page with all your links in one place so that you only have to search for one link. You sign up with your Instagram account or fill out the form to sign up. Then you add all your links, from your BookBub and Amazon profiles, to all your social media links so you have them all in one place and so you can capture your audience with only one link.

Cross-promotion is a tool for authors to reach more readers. Each author brings their entire reader base to the proverbial table. You may have a lot of readers that some of the authors haven’t reached yet. So by every author in a set promo group sharing the promotion with their newsletters and social media, every author has the chance to get more readers. is a service that hosts a landing page with all your links in one place so that you only have to search for one link. You sign up with your Instagram account or fill out the form to sign up. Then you add all your links, from your BookBub and Amazon profiles, to all your social media links so you have them all in one place and so you can capture your audience with only one link.

The day before, you want to prime your audience. Let them know something big is coming. If you want to share that you’re going to be in a promo, that’s okay. If you want to tease, that’s fine, too.

The days of the promotion, you blast your newsletter and social media with the graphics and link to the cross-promo landing page (supplied by MM Book Buzz). Only do this once or twice per day. Encourage everyone to share. Make sure your audience knows what genres are available in the promotion as these promotions are genre-specific.

During the days of the promotion, you should see a spike in sales (if you’ve priced your promo at 99c), free downloads (if you priced at Free), and KU page reads (if your book is in KU).

Over the week or so after the cross-promotion ends, you should see a boost in sales / downloads / KU page reads for the rest of your back list as new fans plow through everything you’ve written.

Note: These results are typical, but not guaranteed. It depends on many factors, such as each author’s fanbase size, author participation (whether the authors all remembered to blast their fans with the deals), how good their cover and blurb are, and more.

The reason we keep the cross-promotions to certain genre restrictions is so that your also-boughts get a good boost, or at the very least, hopefully they won’t suffer. If also-boughts weren’t a thing, we would take any genre for each cross-promotion.

That said, we can’t help what other books readers buy when they buy yours, which is partly how also-boughts are generated. So, we have no way to guarantee it will help.

Yes, it will. During our first round, some authors reached #1 in their rankings. And with the way MM Book Buzz cultivates same-genre listings, your also boughts will do well, too.

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